WSAPT 2014-2015 President’s Message

Fall Greetings, WSAPT Members!

Well, here I am -- for one last year (more below on why just one year), writing to you as your newly elected WSAPT President -- I would sincerely like to thank the voting members at the WSAPT Fall ABM for having the confidence to elect me to lead WSAPT during this 20th Anniversary Year!

For those of you who don’t know me, my focus for WSAPT hasn’t changed –

• Education - continue WSAPT’s mission of providing affordable, quality education to assist membership with expanding your knowledge, skills, and abilities to become Code Officials who can and do make a difference in our communities.
• Certification - continue to promote PT certification and the Permit Specialist certification (once it becomes available).
• Community Outreach – In addition to charity drives at each conference, schedule at least one community outreach project each year. This could be something as simple as working on a community clean-up event, working on a Habitat for Humanity project the day before WSAPT ABM, Adopt a Highway, Jr. Achievement, or mentoring the next generation to become Code Officials. There are many other community outreach opportunities and WSAPTs participation can make a difference in the communities we work, live and play in.
• Stay strongly aligned with being good stewards of WSAPT funds.
• Be contributing members to ICC, Region II and WABO, partnering with educational opportunities and committees.

I would like to thank out-going President Jen Francis, for her work and dedication over the past four years for leading this Chapter to a new level--Jen has assumed the position of Past President, so her participation and ideas will continue to be appreciated! Many thanks also to Amy Donlan, out-going Treasurer -- Amy's dedication to being a good steward of WSAPT funds has played a major part in keeping conference rates low. And lastly, but definitely not least, thank you to Marlei´ LaChance, out-going Recorder--keeping up-to-date records for the Chapter is not always easy, and your attention to updating the Recorder’s archived vital records is appreciated! Thank you, Ladies, for the dedication and spirit that you gave (and will continue to give) to WSAPT!

I am happy to introduce your new WSAPT EBoard –

• President – Cynthia (Cindi) Somers, City of Richland,
• Past President - Jen Francis, City of Bonney Lake,
• 1st VP - Michele Miller, City of Mill Creek,
• 2nd VP - April Shrader, City of Auburn,
• Treasurer - Kim O'Hara, City of Burlington,
• Recorder - Kim Shaw, City of Monroe,

Jen, Michele, and Kim S. are all past WSAPT EBoard members, and, while April and Kim O. are new, both have been active as Committee Chairs over the years. This EBoard brings both experience and a fresh perspective to help keep the Chapter on an upward path for the upcoming year and beyond. Please free to contact any of the new EBoard with any comments you may have.

I had mentioned above that I will be serving as President for one year only. At the 2014 WSAPT ABM, the Bylaws were ratified to approve shorter officers’ terms. The intent is that one can start as 2nd VP and progress to President within three years. The hope is that more members will take advantage of the opportunity to serve on the EBoard due to a shorter term.

OPPORTUNITY: Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand. – Bruce Morton

In closing, I would personally like to encourage each one of you to take advantage of this opportunity -- an opportunity to gain valuable skills in leadership, education, and professional development by joining a committee or serving on the EBoard. Being an active member of WSAPT does offer endless opportunities. As WSAPT members, we all need to take that leap, get involved in whatever way you possibly can –test the waters, you don’t need to dive head first -- join a committee as a member – the more members each committee has, the lighter the workload for all. Please take the time to visit WSAPT Committee Details, join a committee -- help develop and grow WSAPT and our Permit Tech profession and let’s make our own opportunities!

Here’s to a grand 20th Anniversary Year for WSAPT as well as a rewarding career for all!

Peace –